AI is, and is predicted to disrupt almost every aspect of business as well as everyday life. Digital marketing is no exception.

Though organizations have been skeptical to leverage AI capabilities to automate many marketing activities and reduce the need for human labor, the constant evolution of intelligent tools has changed their perception today.

A recent survey on 16000 professional marketers shows that 61% of the lot agreed to artificial intelligence and machine learning to be the most important data initiatives in the upcoming year.

Let’s dive in to see how AI will be revolutionizing digital marketing in the following years.

  1. Predict your Customer Behavior to improve user experience

User experience has become essential for today’s customers. Constant collection, analysis, and interpretation of customer data with sophisticated AI algorithms help pattern customer behaviors to perform efficient customer segmentation and predict customer responses. This helps big time in reducing customer churn factors for both existing and new customers.

2. Personalized email marketing

Customers today lookout for personalized marketing experience.

Let it be mail or ad. It doesn’t matter.

To achieve this accurate consumer insight is necessary. Comprehending your customer behaviour also gives an added advantage of knowing your customers’ preferences and reaction to marketing emails. AI analysis on demographics will help you optimize campaigns to reach out to the right customer, at the right time, in the right way and reduce dependency on A/B tests to send personalized email content for each subscriber.

3. Adext — Audience Management as a service for Digital Advertising

Automate handling your ads on platforms like Google and Facebook with Adext. Also, these intelligent algorithms can comprehend factors that drive conversions and optimize your budgets by analyzing profitable channels.

4. Build account-based marketing strategies with data-driven insights

Data has become the steering wheel of today’s digital world. Especially as businesses began to realize the potential of DATA.

For marketers, customer data is the driving factor of the dynamic market. AI’s predictive analysis and sentiment analysis helps businesses refine marketing strategies and develop account-based marketing strategies.

5. Generate and Curate your content

Content plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Not only does your content define your brand but also enables educated purchase decision.

But generating fresh and relevant content regularly is the tedious part. With AI onboard you can generate and curate content efficiently. Consequently, AI’s potential can layout an end-to-end content strategy based on parameters like platforms and people and replace SEO teams.

6. Design your web without programmers and designers

You can now stop bothering about your web design. Also, don’t have to rely on programmers and developers to analyze issues and improve performance. AI’s Grid application will help you design a professional website by studying user-provided information cost-efficiently.

By and Large

AI has evolved gradually to revolutionize the future like never before. Leveraging AI’s potential in digital marketing will help your business grow in full swing and improve customer touch base.

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